About Us

SAVE (Specialized Academic Vocational Education) is an alternative high school within the Anchorage School District that specializes in working with juniors and seniors who are significantly behind in credit. Our highly qualified teachers provide academic curriculum including math, science, English, social studies, and physical education.

Academics are combined with vocational experience training, service learning, and community involvement. Students attend SAVE for three periods, either in the morning or in the afternoon, after which they attend King Career Center or work at a local business.
SAVE High School specializes in “meeting the student where he or she is.” Coursework is tailored to individual student needs, and student performance goals are set to meet the expectation of earning a diploma and graduating from high school.


More details are found in the SAVE Handbook


Academic Requirements

SAVE is fully accredited by AdvancED. The school accepts students primarily from Dimond, Service, South Anchorage, and West High Schools. SAVE coursework is tailored to the individual needs of students. Emphasis is placed upon student improvement of past deficiencies. Performance standards are set for each student within guidelines of the program. SAVE is designed to admit students throughout the school year, with enrollment and withdrawal based on individual student performance and need.

Save uses a rating system as a monthly evaluation of the students’ academic progress. The rating system designates the minimum amount of credit hours of academic work students earn through an individualized contract system. Ninety academic credit hours are required to remain in good standing.

Vocational Requirements

Students are required to participate in a structured vocational program such as the King Career Center (KCC) or be employed 20 or more hours per week when attending SAVE High School. Vocational experience/education is 50% of the SAVE program, with the other 50% being core academic classes.


SAVE operates a three-part vocational program, which includes career guidance, job placement, and job evaluation. SAVE Vocational Coordinator acts as a liaison between the business community, the King Career Center and the school. SAVE serves the needs of students by utilizing job placement techniques and maintains continuous contact with the student and his/her employer.

Specialized Programs



Alternative placement program for students completing coursework and reinstatement requirements temporarily before returning to their home school. Students accepted only by referral. Email the Continuation Teacher for more information.



Optional lunchtime class that offers students to explore new activities and skills. Popular classes are kuspuk making, net games, and healthy relationships. 


After School Program

The After School Program is set up to provide students with the study and work skills necessary to be successful in their education. The schedule varies throughout the year and students are accepted on referral from their teachers.